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Production Technician
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Our client, a world class petro chemical company, has need for 4 Production Technicians to work out of their facility located in Mississauga, Ontario.

Operator Attributes
To meet our vision of being a “world class supplier of quality lubricants and fluids”, the Production department is comprised of integrated Production Area Teams working towards common goals.

The key to achieving success is having capable, knowledgeable people within the Area Teams who are working together, supportive of a positive team environment. Key characteristics of effective technicians are:

•    Ability and willingness to learn and apply new skills.
•    Appreciation of the business drivers that affect our operating decisions.
•    Ability to work effectively as part of a team, supportive of others and sharing their skills, knowledge and
•    Accepting responsibility and modelling behavioral standards in their own work practices.
•    Ability to understand and follow all safety, quality and operational procedures/polices.

The successful applicant must possess a positive attitude, be a self-starter with a willingness to become an integral part of a process Shift Team that functions in a dynamic environment. As a condition of continued employment, the successful applicant must progress through the PBP Technician levels as per the CBA and possess or attain a Third-Class Stationary Engineer within 2 years of start date.

Lubricants manufacturing requires a continuous operation of 24 hours/day; 7 days/week. Successful applicant will work a rotating 42-hour schedule and overtime, as required. Schedule composed of 2 day shifts followed by 2 night shifts with four days off before next scheduled day shift.

1.   Chemical or Process Technology diploma or pertinent experience in operation with a minimum Grade 12
       High School Diploma, including successful completion of Grade 12 Math, Chemistry and Grade 11 Physics
       or equivalent.
2.   Must possess a minimum of a Fourth-Class Stationary Engineer's certificate. Third-Class Stationary
       Engineer's certificate is preferred. Applicants with the higher qualification will be considered first.
3.    Demonstrated safety-consciousness.
4.    Must have the physical capabilities to safely perform all essential aspects/responsibilities of an operator's
       position, including effective emergency response.
5.    Must possess a satisfactory performance rating in current position.
5.    Demonstrated problem-solving/analytical skills

Primary Responsibilities
1.    Maintain effective communications (i.e. shift change, intra-shift team).
2.    Draw samples as scheduled and test as required.
3.    Perform routine operating tasks (monitor levels, temperatures, pressures, etc.).
4.    Transfer chemicals to addition tanks. Monitor and adjust injection rates.
5.    Report data to be logged to Board Operator.
6.    Monitor operating areas for abnormal conditions, (i.e. mechanical or process related).
7.    Perform equipment care and maintenance as required.
8.    Perform routine running maintenance.
9.    Perform basic troubleshooting.
10.  Assist with major equipment switches.
11.  Perform housekeeping and operational maintenance as assigned by the Shift Team Lead.
12.  Perform maintenance activities as required.
13.  Train in all aspects of emergency responsiveness, including fire-fighting, and responding when necessary.
14.  Perform other duties as assigned.
15.  Progress through the PBP Production Technician levels as per CBA.

Administrative Responsibilities
1.    Attend/participate in shift team meetings.
2.    Maintain current knowledge of ongoing operational/equipment status, through effective shift change
       communications, shift logs, etc.
3.    Add entries to “outside” shift log.
4.    Record units process readings and test results.
5.    Prepare and issue cold work permits as required (if qualified).
6.    Update/review/validate procedures.
7.    Other duties as required.





To apply for this position please email a formatted (MS Word file preferred)
copy of your resume to .


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